Sample Listing for Potential Economic Landlords (Investors)
  1. Potential investor #00001005 is interested in the Los Angeles, San Francisco area for a 3 to 7 years SwapRentSM contracts. Will only consider homeowners with credit score over 650.

  2. Current investor #00001020 is interested in Greater Boston or other New England area for 5 to 10 year SwapRentSM contracts. All credit quality will be considered on a case by case situation.

  3. Foreign investor #00001321 is interested in short term SwapRentSM contracts under 5 years for Miami or Atlanta. Credit score over 620.

  4. Potential investor #00002003 is interested in West Coast cities for 3 years and longer SwapRentSM contracts. Credit quality over 550. Liens or equivalent protection will be required.