SwapRentSM is the realization of the new consumer finance concept of Economic Renting while keeping legal ownership for homeowners. REIDeX is the exclusive marketplace for conducting all SwapRentSM transactions for either retail or institutional participants.

Although there are many applications of the three basic forms of SwapRentSM transactions, Generic, AG (Appreciation Give-up) and DP (Depreciation Protection), the current priority of REIDeX is to work with municipalities throughout the US to help solve our nation's mortgage default and foreclosure problems. It is aimed at setting an example for the rest of the nation that indeed a free market program without spending any single cent of taxpayers' money could solve both our nation's worsening economic problems and social problems by helping homeowners prevent foreclosures and hold on to their own homes. Municipalities (click here for a presentation file) would as a result no longer be burdened by budget crunch and fear the possibility of bankruptcy due to the decreasing tax revenue base derived from declining property value, lost jobs and increasing number of empty boarded homes in many of their local city or county neighborhoods. More >>